I recently discovered the mind blowing work of the Mediated Matter Group which is part of the MIT Media Lab in a Netflix series Abstract: The Art of Design. Headed up by MIT professor Neri Oxman, an architect and doctor, who specialises in material ecology they research and employ design principles that are engineered by nature.

I’m still not entirely sure how they achieved this but the results are breath taking, pioneering and beautiful.

A large monolith organic structure with cells
Aguahoja: Programmable Biocomposites for Digital Design and Fabrication across Scales (Courtesy of MIT Media Labs)
Transparent tear drop with natural organic matter trapped inside
Vesper Series 3: A collection of death masks exploring what it means to design life (Courtesy of MIT Media Labs)
3D printed glass in the shape of a pit with a light in the middle casting a shadow
GLASS I : The printing of optically transparent glass (Courtesy of MIT Media Labs)
Wanderers : Biologically-augmented 3D printed Wearables (Courtesy of MIT Media Labs)

To discover more visit behance.net/nerioxman