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First impressions count. After visiting your website it takes a user 0.05 seconds to decide whether to stay or leave. For this reason your landing page is the most important page of your website. Whip your website landing page into a customer converting machine with our top 5 web design tips.

1. Website load speed is of the essence 

The faster your landing page loads the better. The probability of a customer leaving your website increases 32% as your page load time increases to 3 seconds. You can test the load speed of your website using GTMetrix which will also give you some optimisation tips to get the best out of your website. A common issue is large image files slowing down your website. It’s a fine balance between good quality images and small file sizes. A good rule of thumb is to try and keep your image files under 100kb. You can optimise your images at Tinypng just drop them in a download your new web friendly files.

2. Keep your web design simple and your content short

If you managed to overcome the 0.05 seconds of superficial judgement you then have 8 seconds to show your worth and connect with your visitor. Showcase your unique value proposition (UVP) immediately. Keep the layout and navigation simple. You don’t want a busy image making your text difficult to read. One trick is to add a block colour over your image and change the opacity until there is enough contrast for the text to stand out. You’ll notice a lot of websites use clear background image or colour, heading, subheading and clear call to action format. Simple and effective.

3. Use high quality consistent imagery in your web design

Imagery is one of the areas a lot of people fail. With the right images you can increase customer engagement. You want high quality photos, illustrations or graphics that are showcase your services or products while being considerate to your brand and website layout. Try and steer clear of stock imagery as it disconnects the visitor from your brand. If you’ve spent your last few dollars o flat white and really don’t have the budget to hire a photographer or graphic designer then there are some great free stock sites such as unsplash and pexels but try and choose images that look and feel the same.

4. Create credibility

A good landing page design will boost a customers trust in your brand using stamps of approval. These can be in a variety of forms such as testimonials, trust badges and partner logos. If you are showcasing partner logos then convert them all to a neutral colour such as grey to keep the focus on your offering. They all build customer confidence in your brand and will help shuffle them along your conversion funnel.

5. Mobile first approach

Half of all website activity come from mobile phones and many brands have adopted a mobile-first strategy. Ensure you have a responsive website design that looks great on all mobile devices. It needs to be easy to navigate and don’t forget to make your links and buttons finger friendly.

If you need help setting up your landing page to increase engagement and convert more customers get in touch with the HNDRX team.

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